Residential Power Wash Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning – Aggregate and Concrete

Driveways can be made from many different elements. Aggregate and poured concrete are the popular in Middle Tennessee.

Power Wash Mobile of Middle Tennessee is a certified applicator of Thermo Reactive Sealer (TRS).

Thermo Reactive SealerTM (TRS) is proven to extend the life of the porous substrate – masonry, concrete, tile – by not allowing water and contaminates to absorb, thereby protecting the integrity of the surface.

TRS is recommended for sealing residential and commercial structures such as driveways, parking decks, sidewalks, basements and garage floors and masonry products such as pavers, block, clay brick, artificial brick, natural and artificial stone, motor and stucco. TRS is compatible with most glues and topical coatings. TRS aids in curing new concrete.

Power Line Industries HD23 Industrial Power Wash Trailer Equipment
Our Custom Built Power Line Pressure Washing unit has hot and cold water equipment…this is not something you can rent at your local home improvement store. Our commercial equipment heats the water up to 200 degrees.